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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight in the battle for venezuela's future of the self declared president saying we won't wait for president maduro to go one says that he's already working on a transitional government and all parts of society should work together to help get it going but what about the military also coming america's midwest in the grip of the deadly deep freeze some places colder than on the surface of mars we'll bring you the latest from chicago the epicenter of the big. plus new year
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new troubles for facebook the social media giant accused of poking its nose into the lives of users as young as thirteen our social media reporter has been poking his nose into that story for us and the mystery of india's ghost toilets the government says it built millions of latrines but where are they tonight we ask why are so many villagers still answering the call of mother nature. with mother nature. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome tonight minutes weightless self-proclaimed interim president one go. it was upping the political pressure on
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the man that he wants to replace wider telling supporters that he will not wait for president nicolas maduro to go and that he's already working on a transitional government while you presented a plan for rebuilding the country to supporters in caracas today it includes stabilizing the economy dealing with what he calls an humanitarian emergency improving public services as well as fighting poverty. why don't promise that shortages of food and medicine would come to an end he also highlighted what he sees as the biggest differences between him and madeira. there not two key elements for every project the time and money to do his government does not have either but once the illegal seizes power has a new democratic government what have you not just time but also have faith how and the necessary money to try for this country forward that is important but i.
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want to take this story now to caracas our correspondent oscar sinkers standing by good afternoon to you we just saw one making that speech saying that he has a plan for a transitional government my question to you does he have the support of the military if he's already talking about his own government. no not yet the military has still not pledged and it is or on one way gone and that high ranking officials are making a strong. point out supporting still my the uk so this could come to a very serious consequences if we don't know what would our military is supporting at this moment. what does this speech tell us then oscar about the opposition and
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its unity i mean is this a sign that the opposition does have a plan now well for the longest time this was the criticism of many people is that the opposition did not have a plan of what to do with the country after our stigmata. the plan was always in hand to campaign to oust my brutal but that watts question was always prevalent and why the today said this is the answer to that question and because it is such an important question that defines the opposition everybody has had for once in this plan for the nation that he presented today says that all party members for to support it you know lacerating this plan and although it is. the base of the plan is based on the party that he represents this is that everybody has helped and put and we can see that the opposition right now is more united than ever behind one
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way those interim presidents and has there been a response from president nicolas maduro to what was said today not yet we haven't heard from nicholas no dose response to this plan of the nation the liberal government also has a plan for the nation it's a plan that was led by what charles before he passed away and the plan that's taken for. all right later on the story for us in caracas in the couple of minutes one of them oscar thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world italian authorities say they have seized more than two tons of cocaine in the port of genoa police say the shipment came from colombia and has a street value of about five hundred million euros it's the largest cocaine haul in italy in twenty five years a rescue ship carrying forty seven migrants has docked in the port of tanya in the
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italian island of sicily rome had previously spent the last twelve days refusing to allow people aboard the sea watch vessel to disembark standoff was resolved when nine e.u. countries agreed to accept the passengers the united nations says a million land mines have now been cleared from the world's youngest nation south sudan local mine clearance experts and u.n. specialist worked together to destroy a one hundred kilogram airdrop bomb that was found in the capital juba just last week. now to the united states weather forecasters in the midwest say that the deep freeze that has gripped that region should ease later today at least eight people have died in temperatures lower than what we usually see in the arctic or somebody even say even on mars infrastructure has been crippled and why for tens of millions of people has been brought to a standstill. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather
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but this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have registered temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but this week it's humble people further south. this is think though this of the sea that i've got about three different layers on top and bottom right now so the care is they can be. there there should be no this isn't good perpetration of it. is everything needs to get to hear what you're trying to
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newtons for the to get temperatures this far below freezing can have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations school and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s. postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might it release millions of people from its icy embrace . or correspondent miles waiter is in chicago where temperatures are described as wife threatening. well as we've heard they've been setting up warming centers a lot of the city's major institutions governments have been shut down for the past day through possibly also tomorrow
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a lot of schools the major universities have also closed down there were some dramatic pictures that came out yesterday of authorities having to light the train tracks of the public transit system on fire because it was so cold that the metal was working and they needed to keep people moving so there's been a variety of response is even just reaching out to clergy in the area trying to coordinate and reach out to the most vulnerable people who might be sleeping on the streets in these extreme weather people who can't get to warm places especially because there's also been about twenty five thousand reported people affected by power outages in the region was elias waiter there on the cold beach for us tonight it's going to switch gears here now and talk about facebook after the rockiest year in its history facebook had been hoping that twenty nine thousand would mark a fresh start the social media giant already has a new explosion of scandal on its hands and car you're going to tell me about this
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but the u.s. news out with tech crunch saying facebook has been paying users as young as thirteen years old for access to their private data ok so tell me one thing howard how do thirteen year olds how are they able to even pay for something to begin with and how do they have private data right guy and i think that's really why this story has caught on because it goes as young as thirteen years old i mean we heard about the scandal as well as of kids paying a lot of money for games they were realizing they're paying for but anyway this is going on for a couple of years now using what's called the facebook research app this is a separate app not the main facebook it's been vacuuming up information from users phones and what it does is it was specifically targeting users from thirteen to thirty five the younger audience of facebook of course covets they pay people basically twenty dollars a month for nearly unlimited. access and even their most sensitive data on their phones here's just some of what facebook had access to with this app we're talking about users private messages within social media apps their internet browsing
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activity including web searches and even their encrypted phone activity photos and videos that were sent to other people and location information is this app was tracking your physical location throughout the day the app also asked friends to see users amazon purchase history i mean that's getting really personal people facebook was advertising this as you can see to young people on their favorite platforms we're talking about snap chat and instagram you can this is just an example one of these ads here the goal was likely to get an edge on their competitors facebook is a ruthless company if they know what young people are doing they can say hey look this nap chat feature for example seems to be very popular right now why don't we integrate that into our facebook platform very powerful tool for them a lot of people especially saying that this was like spying on other people's phones yeah i mean it's sounds like something that orson welles would have written a bell doesn't it facebook i understand says it did nothing wrong and that people i'm reading here knew what they were signing up for is it true i mean this was
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voluntary so people had to download this there was a you know they knew they were getting paid for this however a lot of experts are saying look there's no possible way that people really knew what they were getting themselves into because of the extent of this app and here's what they're talking about this is just some language coming from an e-mail explaining what this app was all about you can see it actually only mentions the word facebook once the rest of it really looks like something more of a scientific study so that was not clear is a thirteen year old supposed to read that and how are they going to read that right i mean and look at the language that's included this is in the fine print it's very very good doesn't say what kind of data is being collected on say the extensive it the fact that this is even getting access to the very basic program on your phone it's really taking a lot of information there the app also violated the terms of the app. appstore in terms of the way that it was distributed one tech reporter called this the most defiance behavior he's ever seen from an app store developer so what is the potential fallout going to be then for facebook it's more bad publicity of course
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for facebook this raises more privacy questions as a facebook needed more of those i think more importantly this could give some us politicians a little bit more ammunition to perhaps propose some regulation on the industry itself and this is just one u.s. senator that was raising that on in a tweet and he says look this sort of behavior is not going to stop until we pass comprehensive legislation that enshrines every american's right to privacy with a privacy bill of rights referring to a bill that actually the senator introduced early last year if you want to talk bottom line in terms of dollars of though they say book reporting record profits this week to the tune of seven billion dollars and we know you said you know he said it violated the rules for the apple store right so i says apple taken action apple did take action they as soon as this report came out they pulled that app from the apple store they took it down and they said in fact that apple facebook won't be able to use that back door that was meant for employees only they won't be able use that again cornishman as always thank you for european union foreign
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ministers are meeting in bucharest tonight they have launched a new payment channel designed to bypass u.s. sinks and against iran germany france and the u.k. are participating in the plan and it's known as in sticks it will enable companies to do business with iran through a third party you may remember u.s. president donald trump imposed sanctions after pulling out of the iran nuclear record last may. as he used foreign ministers met on thursday in the romanian capital book arrest the belgian foreign minister said that the e.u. wanted to keep supporting the nuclear deal but also to continue cooperating with washington. we are working with our american friends on the issue of ballistic missiles and on iran's regional influence we're also working to allow european businesses to continue to trade with iran this instrument is a good way to do that and it's up to individual businesses to choose if they use
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this vehicle or not. the special purpose vehicle is part of the e.u. efforts to safeguard the two thousand and fifteen international agreement aimed at curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. behind the for implementation of. the simple reasons that we see it is working thirteen reports now. can't even is fully compliant with this new commitment and we believe this is key elements of policy to meet in the region. the u.s. state department said the united states doesn't expect the so-called special purpose vehicle to affect what it's called its maximum economic pressure campaign against tehran. eckhardt i'm joined now here at the big table by political scientists at all it is john he is a visiting fellow from doha he has extensive experience in the field of iran well it's good to have you on the show i want to ask too much and we ask you about what we're seeing here this new payment mechanism it's designed to keep the nuclear deal
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with iran alive is it going to do that. well it's a difficult question but now i mean today this special purpose vehicle has been registered and so the background is basically with the reimposition of u.s. sanctions after trump's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal last may so there's been a lot of problems for european and other firms to engage in business with iran because of the exit territorial nature of u.s. sanctions and now so the u.s. tried to actually shield. its own companies from those sanctions and this mechanism it's basically a middleman right it creates a middleman to facilitate buying and selling of goods but can it prevent washington from being a being able to i didn't find these transactions and calling companies out for violating sanctions well that's the one million or one billion dollar question
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because the problem is that. so it's a strong political symbol and signal from the european union side to say to say to washington that europe you know takes responsibility to be an independent economic actor because of the dominance of the u.s. and the international financial system so for now it does devise so this instax is actually designed to facilitate this medical and food exports from the european side to the iranian side obviously the iranian side once it's to be expanded on on to other sectors strategic sectors of the economy but whether this is going to happen you know this kind of extension and on to other areas is a huge question because there is a lot of pressure still from the united states the state department is not happy with this initiative so will happen to wait for the next few months you know i want to be clear on this but these u.s. sanctions they forbid financial transactions but do they forbid the transactions or
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the selling and buying of of goods i mean is that also forbidden no i mean big. sickly i mean basically so the u.s. sanctions are quite fast and what is exempted are humanitarian goods with which instax you know should be operating in facilitating but the question is that even if you engage in trade with iran on let's say fields that are not you know not important to nuclear or military proliferation you might still be subject to u.s. sanctions because how us sanctions work they have a strong impact on the international financial and banking system so so you know people you know a lot of firms are actually can be a victim of u.s. sanctions although they engage in peaceful transactions you know to it'll be interesting to see if this works this week the u.s. intelligence community even said that iran appears to be adhering to the iran nuclear agreement so that there's
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a you have got for many years which is true but still we have this contradiction between the u.s. side and the european side and we have to wait for the next few months to see if other economic sectors can be involved in this initiative or not. tell that from brookings doha we appreciate you coming in tonight sharing your insights thank you so much you very much thanks. all rights imagine having to walk to the nearest field or forest every time you need to use the toilet now this is a reality for millions of people in india the government set out to tackle the problem back in two thousand and fourteen but the toilets that it claims to have built more than a hundred million of them well they seem to have been flushed down the drain of broken political promises. sonia found the car is in northern india on the hunt for toilets. it's a must in season and with the british the lush fields here have
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a dirty secret. davey has never had a toilet. she has to walk more than a kilometer every day to relieve us of a ritual fraught with indignities andrus that next nights we have to carry a torch and the stick i come here with other women and young children we stand watch first because the children get scared there are wild animals in the fields sometimes there are men around it is scary it's safer to come in a group. experience is a chop odds with the government's much touted campaign to eliminate often difficult . signs warn of the health risks associated with the practice and urged people to use toilets. shocked islanding he pushed the clean india effort has even roped in bollywood stars to spread the message the government offers twelve thousand that's
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about one hundred fifty euros for two core households mainly in villages. the doggy door as part of the clean india campaign the government claims it's a building hundreds of millions of toilets it says it has completely eliminated open definition in most indian states but in the villages be visited and with that with that with far from being the case. in one village the toilets stand half baked many residency they haven't received the food subsidy the facilities here are missing roofs and seeds and are very obviously not news. this is like this man says the toilets being built to flimsy and wouldn't last long but there are allegations of caution to. me that the government did give the money for a story at a price. where the head of the village told us if we don't get toilets made we will get subsidized food grain those are orders from the motor government we are poor
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people we really depend on the food handouts so i decided to build the toilet. it's . back at the place another irregularity emerges. the clean india website declares hope ilitch to be free of open difficult with two hundred thirty four toilets installed but that doesn't add up and i doubt there are just about four or five people in our village who have toilets you can check yourself how can the government say all of us have toilets that's just wrong there is collusion among the officials no one has ever come here to check. these toilet tales on new for research and as a college he's visited about eighty villages across the state for much cited study on the campaigns and the corruption story is every bit you saw for yourself don't look to don't exist is just on the table the officials are going to use my me
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unless they get it for themselves if there is something really serious. runs the camp not to put the age he says the ghost story that income of babies village definitely need investigation but he insists it's an isolated case but is really serious and we are very very very very strict actions if somebody is phone to give false information or. what i think there's no mother should be very large in the picture which i'm going to be encouraging that this open division almost has come down to. us. as. she stood waiting for her promise toilet. ratchford area they said and i think she's already marked a place for it in front of parole. sports news now the january football transfer window has closed in germany meaning the clubs can no longer sign players for the
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rest of this season most teams around europe kept the purse strings tight through the window but some big names have made. a low key arrival that summed up the january transfer window on thought the equine joined english side chelsea on loan the london club can make the move permanent for thirty five million euros a type of deal that has been common over the last month. so they're reluctant to spend in england and italy and just about everywhere that's partly down to the financial fair play problem many clubs conjure for to buy they can only invest in loans christian police sick is another player who's being loaned straight back to dortmund for the rest of the season this after the bundesliga club sold him to chelsea for sixty four million euros that price tag makes his move the most expensive of this transfer window and the biggest move into the bundesliga was
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amadou haidar as transfer to rb leipsic he cost the club nineteen million euros and treads a familiar path he's the fifteenth player to move from red bull salisbury to red bull owned leipzig youth has been a trend among bundesliga signings league leaders dortmund brought in twenty year old argentinian out of the to be as they look to stay ahead in the title race stuttgart new center back is even younger and another teenager to arrive in the bundesliga is byron's out funso davies the canadian joins the reigning champions for ten million euros as their only major newcomer but overall it was a quiet transfer window for the bavarians who were unable to make a star signing this january. well a professional swimmer in egypt has been racking up an impressive collection of medals at competitions around the world despite being just a few years away from her eightieth birthday. limbering up at
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the age of seventy six professional swimmer knight is as committed to her sport as ever she trains five times per week at a pool in cairo. and the best with this i'm proof that age isn't an obstacle if you have the will to do it and if you have a positive outlook in life. caught up but won her first medal as a teenager but aged eighteen she stopped competing back then there were no championships in egypt for swimmers of both that age but she continued to train in the hope that one day she could represent her country internationally in twenty fourteen did just that and her hard work paid off as she won two metal with the most and then a lot of it i waited sixty years for the opportunity to participate in a championship it was inside me for sixty years waiting to be released i participated in the championship with great determination and after having trained
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very hard into that kick up on court obs coach is delighted with the medal winning after strife and. he has a heart of a twenty year old she has determination in freezing cold or in hot weather she still shows up every day to training there is no championship that she doesn't wish to participate in she has to perseverance determination and heart of a young person it. even hopes to add to her medal collection at her next competition in germany. here with a w. news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. after
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the evidence. is of these chances because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts and that you will be fifteen on t w. he can't leave the country the police are watching him but so far they haven't touched him that it's way the self-proclaimed interim president one white oh now he is calling for more countries and for his own military to come to his side and to help force president nicolas maduro out of power tonight along with the us add the european parliament to a growing list of supporters in the battle for the future of venezuela i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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